The Victory Column Berlin

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Model sheet in scale 1: 160

The Victory Column in Berlin is one of the symbols of the capital. Perhaps also symbolic because it represents a bygone era in which victories were celebrated in wars. That does not change a successful work of art, which also makes a successful model.

Model sheet in scale 1: 160

The Berliners affectionately call their victory column "Goldelse" because the figure of Viktoria, which is said to have a size of 92, was completely gilded. The monument was erected in the 19th century on the occasion of three victories. Reliefs made of bronze with war scenes can be seen on the base, in the original in the Berlin Tiergarten as well as on the new scribe model.

Author: P.Tabernacki

7 sheets DIN A4. Size of the model: L 29 x W 29 x H 47
Building instructions with sketches and instructions in German and English

Difficulty level medium.

Publisher: Schreiber / Aue-Verlag