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Product no.: V-ZL-014
Lasercut Model, Scale 1:72

The beacon Bunthaus was a landmark fire at the Bunthäuser Spitze, the segregation of the Elbe in Norder and Süderelbe, in Hamburg's district Wilhelmsburg.
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Product no.: V-ZL-021
Lasercut model sheet M 1:72

The beacon Gellen is a beacon on the Gellen, the southern part of the Baltic island Hiddensee. The lighthouse was built from 1905 and is still used today as a cross-brand fire for orientation for the navigation on the Gellenstrom. He is with the lighthouse Dornbusch one of two beacons on the island Hiddensee.
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Product no.: V-ZL-016

Lasercut-Modelsheet, Scale 1:72

Alcatraz is an 8.5-acre, approximately 500-meter-long and up to 41-meter-high American island in the Bay of San Francisco, California. On the island in 1854, the first lighthouse on the US west coast was put into operation. In the second half of the 19th century, it was used as a fortified fort site. As early as 1861, a prison was integrated into it.
Meanwhile, the island serves as a tourist attraction.
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Product no.: V-ZL-005
Lasercut model in 1:72 scale

The Papegoyan was a ship of Dutch design, which was purchased in 1623 by Sweden. In 1627 she took part in the naval battle of Oliwa in the Gulf of Gdansk.
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Product no.: V-ZL-001

Lasercut model scale 1:72

The HMS Alert was a cutter of the British Royal Navy with cannons, which was launched in 1777.

Model made of laser cut parts. Parts still have to be painted. All parts made of other materials such as wood, yarn or metal are also included.

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Product no.: V-ZL-029
Lasercut model sheet M 1:72

HMS Wolf was a sloop of the Royal Navy.
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Product no.: V-ZL-003

Lasercut model  scale 1:72

The Santa Maria was the flagship of Christopher Columbus' first expedition from 1492 to 1493, on which he sought a western route to East Asia. She was accompanied by the much smaller ships Niña and Pinta.

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