Lighthouse Bunthäuser Spitze

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The beacon Bunthaus was a landmark fire at the Bunthäuser Spitze, the segregation of the Elbe in Norder and Süderelbe, in Hamburg's district Wilhelmsburg.
The tower was built in 1913 and began its service in 1914. In March 1977, his fire was extinguished.
The green, hexagonal wooden tower with white edge protection strips is 6.95 meters high and tapers upwards. It has an observation deck with white railings, which can be reached via an iron, 19-storey, white outside staircase. The riveted steel lantern house is red and housed a belt lens with two incandescent lamps (each 60 watts, 220 volts), which emitted 360 ° visible light.

The tower was renovated for the 800th Harbor Birthday of the Port of Hamburg in 1989 and August 2007, this time by the Stackmeisterei Hamburg Port Authority. Following a request from 2004, the tower was listed as a historical monument on January 12, 2005.

The small tower at Elbe kilometer 609 has become a landmark of the Elbe island Wilhelmsburg. It is accessible via the Bunthäuser hiking trail.

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