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The globe is a stylized model of the earth with a set of decorative continents, a rotating mechanism and unusual little extras that make this globe even more exciting. All parts are made of high quality plywood and are precisely pre-cut with laser cut. You don't need glue or additional tools to assemble your globe.

In addition to the basic module, the model includes two interchangeable extra modules: Shuttle and Sputnik. Decide which satellite will orbit your globe today and place it on its holder. The satellites are also driven by the rubber motor and are connected to the basic module via a planetary gear. This connection ensures that the satellites rotate almost twice as fast as the globe and cover almost two orbits with one actuation of the lever.
The model is easy to assemble and it's exciting to watch it move. Unique mechanism and iconic design - the typical features that make Ugears models an original gift and ideal decoration for your home or office.

Model size: 21 x 18.5 x 18.5 cm
Package size: 37.8 x 17 x 3.2 cm
Number of components: 184
Setup time: 4 hours

Degree of difficulty: easy

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