Empire State Building

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Model cut-out sheets, Scale 1:400

When the Empire State Building in New York was officially opened in 1931 it was the highest building in the world. With 102 storeys and a landing mast for airships, the building constructed by William Frederick Lamb reached a height of 381 m. Later the television tower was added and it reached a height of nearly 449 metres, retaining its record into the 1970s. The Empire State Building is, as an office building, the seat of nearly 900 firms and organizations with more than 25,000 employees.

Author: P. Tabernacki
20 Bogen DIN A 4 . Größe des Modells: L 33 x B 15 x H 113 cm
Umschlag 4-farbig, 17 Bastelbogen 4-farbig gedruckt. Umschlag innen einfarbig, 3 Seiten Bauanleitung mit Skizzen und Anleitungstext in deutsch und englisch, gefalzt, 29,8 x 21 cm.
Difficulty class: Difficult

Published by: Schreiber / Aue-Verlag


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