Privacy Policy

In the event of a conclusion of contract we assert and process the provided personal information that you have provided to us in our system; and utilize this information throughout the duration of the transaction; which includes the order processing and the billing process. Personal data is considered all information in virtue in which a person can be directly or directly identified (for example: name, address, email, DOB, occupation, account information etc.)

For the purpose of need driven publicity and market analyses our offers are configured with anonymous user profiles. Your right of objection in regards to this feature can be utilized at anytime by sending an appropriate explanation (even via email to to us.

Upon request, we will provide you with your stored personal data that we have on file. You may inform us at anytime in regards to our privacy policy and request that the data be either deleted or blocked. For order processing purposes and for the duration of the delivery, we give your data to the export warehouse, or the post, package or delivery service. In addition for the handling of payments period we transfer your date on the binding service providers for credit cards or bank transactions (in the case of usage of the payment method).

We utilize, for the safeguarding of the functions in the shop system so called cookies, that are placed on your website and only through our server can be adequately read, when you make a connection to our server. Such resources serve soley to improve the user friendliness and are not used for analysis purposes. Naturally, you may configure your browser so that is accepts cookies, or you may inform the sender of the cookies that the usage of their cookies is prohibited. In the last case, our internet services are limited in regards to coverage and availability.