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Product no.: S-683

Model cut-out sheets, Scale 1:9

Author: Przemyslaw Tabernacki

Titel page, 3 model sheets, 1 side instruction with sketches multicolored printing, 21 x 29,7 cm.
Model 10 x 9 x 25 cm.

Difficulty class: difficult

Published by: Schreiber / Aue Verlag

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Product no.: S-608

Model cut-out sheets for childs

In all times actual. Dressable dolls. In the style of our time you find here three different sheets.

Author: Heike Wiechmann

3 cut out sheets multicolored printing. 31 x 22 cm.

Difficulty class: easy

Published by: Schreiber / Aue-Verlag

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Product no.: S-704

Model cut-out sheets, Scale 1:9


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Product no.: S-775

Model cut-out sheets, Scale 1:9

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