Customer Information

1. Identity of the Seller
You are concluding a distant contract with Norbert Meier / Bielefeld / Germany

2. Address of the Seller
Norbert Meier
Ravensberger Str. 49
33602 Bielefeld
Tel.-Nr. 0049 (0) 521 121789
Erreichbarkeit: Mo, Do 15 - 18 Uhr, Sa 11 - 14 Uhr
Fax-Nr. 0049 (0)521 5216280

3. Conclusion of the Contract We shall inform you of the conditions and criteria of our goods via our website and our print media (catalog, brochures etc.). The depiction of our goods do not serve as binding offers, but rather an non-binding request on you, to order goods through us. With your order (be it email, fax or mail) you declare your contractual offer and the closure of the sale. We will process your order as soon as possible. We are entitled to process your order within two weeks time. Further information regarding the conclusion of contract can be found in our General Terms and Conditions, which are an integral part of the contract.

4. Successive Delivery
The right to exceptional cancellation according the legal regulations is valid as well for successive delivery.

6. Retention of Delivery
We reserve the right to not delivery goods, or delivery then at a later date in the case of abnormal operations or tardy deliveries by our own suppliers. This applies especially for articles that we do not have presently stocked in our warehouse or ones that are labeled as presently not available and that need to be pre-ordered. We deliver to your home or business address. Delivery to post office boxes or general deliveries are not possible.

7. Price of Goods
All specified prices are the gross prices in € and apply to delivery in the Federal Republic of Germany and other countries in the European Union and contain the compulsory 19% sales tax. Deliveries to other countries are without sales tax, the contingent customs duties and sales tax of the receiving country (ex. Import sales/purchase tax) are the responsibility of the buyer. The validity of the temporary offers is within the framework of the individual goods portrayed on our website and those stated in our publications.

7. Shipping and Delivery Costs
The shipping and delivery costs are displayed on the billing invoices in addition to the named gross price of the respective goods.

a) Delivery within the Federal Republic of Germany: For a standard delivery we charge €3.00 per order for shipping and delivery. We do not charge shipping and delivery fees for orders over €60.00. For C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery) options, there is an extra surcharge of €3.60. In this case there is an addition delivery charge of €2.00 that must be paid directly to the package delivery service.
b) Delivery to other countries of the European Union, in Switzerland and Liechtenstein: For orders with a low product value we calculate a postage and packaging fixed rate of €8.00. Payment is possible via credit card( only Visa,/Diners/Mastercard accepted) or via C.O.D.(with an additional surcharge of €3.60 payable upon delivery in addition to the credit card charges of the respective country of delivery). The C.O.D. option is not available in the following countries: Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark.
c) Delivery to other countries of the world (not includeing EU countries, Liechtenstein or Switzerland): For orders with a low product value we calculate a postage and packaging fixed rate of €25.00. Payment is possible via credit card (only Visa,/Diners/Mastercard accepted) or per advanced payment (all accrued costs associated with delivery and payment methods are the responsibility of the buyer).
d) For specific information regarding pricing our service team can be reached as follows: Telephone 0049 (0) 521 121789 or via email (

8. Method of Payment
The goods that you have ordered are payable by bank transfer, C.O.D. or also by credit card (only Visa/Diners/Mastercard accepted). First time orders via bank transfer are only possible with an order of at least €90.00. In the case of a customer’s return debit notice (bounced check) we are legally authorized to add a penalty surcharge of €15.00. In the case of COD no partial deliveries are made, you receive the order including all available ordered articles.

9. Right of Return
Here you will find detailed information on our return policy.

10. Terms of Warranty
In case of a defect the contractor is entitled to compensation as legally stipulated by the buyer. The goods are covered by a 2 year warranty period. We are not responsible for any guarantee above and beyond the legal terms of warranty. The specific terms of the warranty are viewable in our general terms and condition, which are an integral part of the contract.

11. Customer Support
The following address can be used for submit claims or complaints:
Norbert Meier
Ravensberger Str. 49
33602 Bielefeld
Tel.-Nr. 0049 (0) 521 121789
Erreichbarkeit: Mo, Di, Do 15 - 18 Uhr, Sa 11 - 14 Uhr
Fax-Nr. 0049 (0)521 5216280

B. Additional customer information regarding electronic contract conclusion. The following information for online contracts does not embody the conditions and terms of contract. The contract conditions are available in our General Terms and Conditions.

1. How does the online contract conclusion work?
Once you’ve found your desired product on our website, you can receive further information by clicking on the picture link or within the product description or by clicking the link “see more product details” in the middle. To order, press “Add to Cart” or “Pre-Order”. By doing this the product is placed in the cart. When you choose the “Cart Contents” button in the menu list, you will see all of the products that you have chosen so far. The desired number of products can be changed in the right field before the total price. The default quality is always placed at “1”. At all times you have the possibility of removing any or all of the articles by checking the “remove” box (left) next to the article. After doing so, press the “Update” button. The process will be updated and the article(s) will be removed. In addition, you can change the number of products in the right hand field. It is necessary to also press the “Update” button (with the changed total price) for these changes to take effect. By clicking the “Continue Shopping” button (below middle) you we be redirected to the ordering menu. When all of the desired products are in your cart, you can activate the order transaction by clicking on the “Checkout” button (lower right). Here you will have to sign in with your email address and password if you have not already done so. Check your delivery address next up on the left hand side and the billing address on the left as well as the payment method on the bottom left. Changes made will take effect by clicking the blue marked “Process” button. In the upper right hand corner of your site you will see your order, you will also see the complete total of costs in the lower right hand corner. You have the possibility to change your order by either clicking on the blue marked “Process” button or the button to the right “Products”. Below the data field you will receive legally stipulated information, in particular special instructions regarding the right of revocation, protection of privacy information, the protection of privacy statement, and once again the information related to distant purchasing as well as our General Terms and Conditions. We strongly suggest that you read this information which you can also print out. Please verify your compliance with the privacy policy and our General Terms and Conditions by checking the appropriate box. In conclusion, acknowledge the accuracy of your order by clicking on the “Order” button (bottom right). By doing so you are agreeing to a binding deal with us in reference to all of the articles in your cart. You may print out your order via through the function of your web browser. We will verify the placement of your order directly via email. We are entitled take up to two weeks to process and deliver your order. Further information to the conclusion of contract are contained in the General Terms and Conditions.

2. Storage of the contract wording and access for the client
We store your order data and forward this to you together with our General Terms and Conditions , right of return policy and the order verification via email.

3. Input Data Error
You may change or correct your input data anytime during the order process by clicking on the “remove” box (as well as changing the quality of products) and then clicking on the “Update” button then enter the appropriate data and press the blue coloured “Process” button and enter the new data in the appropriate field. By clicking on another page (going back to our start page for example) you can abort the order process at anytime. Your cart will remain even if you log off. As soon as you log back in you find all of the previously added products in your cart.

4. Contract Language
You have the possibility to conclude the contract with us in German or English.