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Model cut-out sheets for childs

As the position of the starry sky changes during the night and in the course of the year on account of the rotation of the Earth, the time of day when you watch the sky and the respective date are of great significance. Firstly find the time of day on the inner disc. Now turn this disc until the time of day corresponds with the date on the outer edge. Then you will see on the star card exactly those constellations which are actually in the sky on the day in question at the indicated time. You only have to think that you are wearing the card. In other words, the stars at the edge of the card are on the horizon in the respective direction. And the stars in the centre are in the sky far above you.

Author: P. Tabernacki
4 sheets DIN A 4 . Size of the model: L 26 x B 26 x H 9 cm Cover multicolored printing, 2,5 model sheets multicolored printing

Degree of difficulty: easy

Published by: Schreiber / Aue-Verlag

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