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Train Ferry

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Model cut-out sheets, Scale 1:100

In Germany train ferries came into use in the 19th century, when more and more railway networks were taken into operation and when the need arose to connect railway lines previously separated by lakes and rivers. The cardboard model at hand is based on the "Fehmarn" train ferry. The ferry formed the link between the island Fehmarn and the railway line connecting Oldenburg and Heiligenhafen, which had been built in 1881. Beginning with the 20th century there was also railway traffic on the island, which was to be linked to the mainland railway network via train ferries. The middle of the ferry hosted tracks, which allowed for the transport of two train waggons. The ferry train Fehmarn was constructed in 1927. Due to the increasing demand for space the ferry was extended in 1949. From 1963 on a bridge, Fehmarnsundbrucke, formed the link between the island and the mainland. There was no more use for the ferry, which ended up being sold to Italy. Fehmarnsundbrucke forms a part of "Vogelfluglinie" (literally: line of the flight of birds) which was opened in 1963. The road was given its name due to the route taken by migratory birds and leads from Oldenburg to Copenhagen, running through the islands Fehmarn, Falster, Lolland and Seeland.

Author: Alvar Hansen

Size of the model: L 60 x B 12 x H 14 cm 5,5 model sheets multicolored printing 32 x 21 cm. 1 side sketches and text in german and english.

Degree of difficulty: difficult

Published by: Schreiber / Aue-Verlag

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