Christmas Crib with Kings

Christmas Crib with Kings

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The Schreiber Nativity Scenes have been reproduced in facsimile from late 19th century and early 20th century originals. With their loving composition of the smallest details and the unbiased objectivity with which these nativity scenes have been designed, they especially appeal to people today.
The drafts of the paper nativity scenes originate from the great scene painters from the time of our great-grandparents. The originals were transferred onto Solnhofen printing plates by expert lithographs using fat chalk. Up to twelve such printing plates (one for each colour) were needed to do so. The original lithograph with its characteristic colouring is the result of this manufacturing process.

3 sheets DIN A 4

Model size L 23 x W 10 x H 19 cm

Difficulty: Easy

Publisher: Schreiber-Bogen

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