Opel "Blitz"

Opel "Blitz"

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Model cut-out sheets, Scale 1:24

The design of Opel "Blitz" set new standards and already anticipated some of the principles of modern lorry construction. A remarkable feature was the paytoad factor, as the payload (approx. 3200 Kg) substantially exceeded the unladen weight (2485 kg). By the end of World War II the total number of Opel "Blitz" tomes built exceeded 100,000.

Author: Alvar Hansen

4 sheets DIN A 4 . Size of the model: L 23 x B 10 x H 11 cm Cover multicolored printing, 3,5 cut out sheets multicolored printing

Difficulty class: difficult

Published by: Schreiber / Aue-Verlag

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